Founded in 2003,HI 5 General Trading LLC  is a dynamic and leading company dedicated to distribution of toys,  stationary, novelty items and baby accessories.

Our growing experience in the UAE market has been instrumental in building our role as the distributor of toys in well known shopping malls of GCC Countries. Our constant growth is the result of adapting to changing trends over the years, while continually encouraging creativity and education among children. HI 5 General Trading not only ensures the satisfaction of the brands we retail, but also the  customers  we  cater  to,  warranting  the  value for  your  money  and ensuring your entertainment and satisfaction. An organization with core characteristics  being dynamic and competitive, our business strategies being effective and our proactivity in determining market demands, HI 5 General Trading has come a long  way  in building prodigious  reputation  through  impeccable  service  and  affirmative  towards constructive feedback, leaving blazing footprints in the GCC market.


To fabricate this vision, we have decided to focus on long term objectives that will lead to our sustained growth and significant presence in the toys, children and electronics industries. Following are the objectives of the Group:

We Not Only Attempt To Ensure The Satisfation Of The Brands We Work With, But Also The Customers We Cater To, Warranting Value For Their Money And Ensuring Their Entertainment And Satisfaction.

An Organization With Core Characteristics Being Dynamic And Competetive, Our Business Strategies Being Effective And Our Proactivity In Determining Market Demands, This Company Has Come A Long Way In Building Prodigious Reputation Through Impeccable Service And Affirmative Towards Constructive Feedback, Leaving Blazing Footprints In The Gulf Market.

Hi 5 Global Attempts To Create Business Strategies And Alliances To Accelerate Materialization Of Its Vision Into Reality


At Hi 5, we take care of the brands we represent, as we take care of our family. We are dedicated to provide our region, the access to what the world can offer.

Witnessing Middle East remarkable economic development has been an exciting experience. We are fortunate to live in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, one that is characterized by increasingly diverse markets and infrastructure development.

Since our modest beginnings in 2003, our resilience and ability to embrace change with an open mind has enabled us to stay true to our mission of delivering the finest quality products in whichever sector we operate. We believe the success and growth of our business can be attributed to the consistency of our standards and policies and to the efforts of our supportive local and international partners.

As a diversified group of businesses that maintains a common commitment to rigorous international standards across its extensive range of products and services, we are uniquely well positioned to capitalize on GCC’s growing global trade. Our list of renowned international partners is proof of our international business standing and success.

We take pride in our track record of sustaining brands that we launch, by our strategic positioning, branding and our dedication to succeed. We are open to all possibilities which is the key of our rapid expansion, our team consist of new breed of entrepreneurs which makes Hi5 one of the most stable distribution company in the region.

I would like you to browse our website to know our journey of success of today and tomorrow.